Monday, November 4, 2013

Happines vs Bliss

Happiness is outwardly and Bliss is internal.

Happiness depends on situation and circumstances, while Bliss comes from within regardless of the circumstances.

Happiness is always caused by something or someone. We become happy when people treat us nicely. We are happy because we achieved something. We are happy because we received some reward. We become happy when we receive a certificate of recognition, an award or a prize.

All these awards are decided and given by some committees. Even though we have created something to the best of our knowledge and efforts, we are still waiting to see if the committee will approve and recognize it or not. We become happy if they chose us, and sad if they don't. Our happiness depends on others. And if it is given by others then it is temporary.
Bliss is something entirely different. Bliss is in creating or doing something, putting the best of our efforts and not worrying about  the recognition or appreciation from others.
This is what Bhagavd Gita says "perform your actions without worrying about the results'.
Of course, the recognition and appreciation makes us happy, but it also brings a sense of ego along with the happiness.
It is the joy of selflessly giving, creating and doing something for others which brings the Bliss.

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