Thursday, October 31, 2013

‘Exploring the Inner Self ’

‘Exploring the Inner Self ’
We need food, we need house, we need money, and we need clothes.
We need all these things to survive and to live a comfortable life.

Though we must pay attention to get everything we need in the physical world, but these things should not become the only reason for our existence.

We should also pay attention and devote some time to explore our inner self.

Being with our 'self ' is very hard. We always want to have some company. Whenever we are alone, we turn on the radio or TV, call someone or aimlessly surf on the internet. We don’t like to be alone.

But how can we explore the inner self if we are always living in the outer world? The ‘self ‘can only be reached when the mind is quite.

That is what ‘Sumiran’ or meditation means… to be silent, to quite the mind… to go into the state of ‘Nothingness’… from Sakaar to Nirakaar, from Sagun to Nirgun, from ‘something to ‘Nothing’.

When we become ‘nothing’, there cannot be any jealousy, anger, pride or ego.

When we become ‘nothing’, we become free from desires and expectations… free from pain and sufferings.

By becoming ‘nothing’, we achieve everything that we strive for… Freedom, fearlessness, peace and bliss.

May God bless us all.

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