Monday, November 4, 2013

Bazeecha-e Atfaal

A beautiful Sher (couplet), with a great wisdom.

बाज़ीचा  ऐतफाल है दुनिया मेरे आगे 
होता  है शबो रोज़  तमाशा  मेरे आगे              ( मिर्ज़ा  ग़ालिब)

     Bazzecha-e- Aetfaal hai duniya mere aage
     Hota hai shab-o-roz Tamaashaa mere aage
                                                  (by Mirza Ghalib)

                                         Bazeecha =  Toy /game
                                         Atfaal = Children
                                         Shab o Roz = Night and day
                                        Tamaashaa =  A play / Drama

Ghalib says" To me, this world is like a children's play.

All the happenings of each day and night, are like a drama being played on the screen in front of me."

A wonderful concept of Vedanta, beautifully explained in Urdu shayari.

The concept of "Saakshi Bhaava" being a witness not a subject is the theme of the Vedanta philosophy. In other words, everything is just happening and I am simply witnessing it.

I remember a story told by Shri  Vivek Shauq ji.

His mother, Mrs. Padma Shauq ji went to see a movie. In the story of that movie, a young boy was kidnapped by the villain. The parents of the boy were asked for the ransom in return. When the parents could not arrange for the money in time, there was a scene where the villain proceeded to kill the boy. When he lifted his sword over the boy's head, Padma ji started doing the sumiran and praying loudly " Tu hi Nirankar....hey Sucche Paatshaah bachaa lai.......Oh God please save this innocent boy".
People sitting around in the theater started laughing.
Then she realized it was just a movie, a drama being played on the screen.
Vivek ji said that the story has already been written. We are simply watching it.... witnessing it. If the writer had saved the boy in the story of this movie, then he would be miraculously saved at the last minute, otherwise he would be killed.

As Sh. Kumar ji (Haiderabad) once said “everything happens exactly the way it is supposed to happen..... No more, no less.

                                          (Rajan Sachdeva)

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