Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recharging the spiritual battery

             Recharging the spiritual battery

Every now and then, we all need to recharge our spiritual batteries.

While living in the materialistic world and constantly interacting with it, especially when we face the adverse situations, the light of Gyana in our consciousness becomes dim. The clouds of doubts begin to form in our minds and our thoughts become fuzzy.  A storm of uncertainty begins to shake our faith.

The current visit of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh ji in the USA and Canada is a time of re-vitalizing, re-energizing and recharging our spirituality. Everyone seems to be so happy and re-energized after having the Darshan and receiving blessings from the Sadguru.

It is wonderful to see how everyone seems so excited and happy to be around their beloved Sadguru and Pujya Mata ji. The youth and the members of Sevadal are so energized that they are constantly and tirelessly working round the clock.
However, it is important that we do not lose this re-energized and peaceful state of mind when we go back to our daily routines. It is important that we keep the light of Gyana lit all the time in our consciousness and the faith in Sadguru rooted deep in the sub-conscious.

May Lord bless us all.


  1. Thank you for these thoughts ... indeed we all (myself), need to work at this.

  2. Great thoughts, that is why it is so important to attend sangat all the time. It keeps our mind and soul connected. Dnkji

  3. Dhan Nirankar ji at your lotus feet.

    Das fully agree with your thoughts and it was point of our discussions and seeking blessings from visiting saints at Edmonton Canada

    Please bless one and all here that we may be able to continue with the spirit of selfless service for mankind in general.

  4. So true . In two days I feel the meterailistic world, office , household work , kids , buying grocery running to get errands done , really it needs a constant simran and remembrance of lords divine presence in Sakar and keep the same energy in nirankar presence. Bless me I can live up to his divine wishes while living in This world .


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