Thursday, September 5, 2013


While listening to a beautiful Ghazal written by 'Kaiser', I found this one 'sher' (verse) particularly interesting. 

'Hum Ghar se jo Nikale the, Aaina Salaamat tha.
Na jaane kahaan Toota - Raahon ke jhamele main.

हम घर से जो निकले थे, आईना सलामत  था
ना  जाने कहाँ टूटा , राहों के झमेले में

(when we left from our place, the mirror was good - in one piece.
Don't know when and where during the journey, it got broken into pieces)

I don't know what was in the mind of the writer when he wrote this couplet but it reminded me the core of our spiritual philosophy.

"In the beginning, everything was God.
We were part of God. We were one with God."

But then somehow, somewhere, in the process of 'creation' or 'manifestation', we became separate.
The sole purpose of spirituality is to bring back that 'oneness'.
The oneness between spirit or soul and God.

"Once you have achieved the oneness with God,
when you speak, God speaks; when you move, God moves ;
when you act, God acts.”

In my innermost self, I know this to be true, but practically, do I feel it during my day to day life?  
Most of the times, I do not find myself being one with God.
Because I have doubts. I think of myself as an individual, separate unit and suffer from selfish desires.
Because I think of myself 'separate' from the 'whole', I place my self-interest above others, which makes me greedy, jealous and selfish. 

The more I am free of doubt, jealousy, judgment, selfishness, greed and anger, the closer I would be to achieve this oneness with God.
When I am one with God, none of these can touch me.

 When I am one with God, I always say, hear and do the right things.

 When I am one with God, my thoughts are always good. 
 When I am one with God, my speech is always good.
 When I am one with God, my actions are always good.


  1. before we strive for universal love or Brotherhood, one needs to except universal fatherhood of God.....

  2. Very Clear thoughts on Oneness. Satguru has truly blessed you with great wisdom and may you continue to enlighten us through your thoughts..

  3. When I am ONE with God...I let Him operate through me, accept it and understand His leela.........When I am ONE with God ,only then I understand and see HIS leela.............When I am ONE with God, I realize ONLY His energy is flowing through me and all.....When I am ONE with God, I don't need to surrender, because then I know there is no other.........then I don't strive for there IS only ONE.............:)


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