Tuesday, September 10, 2013

‘Reality of the religion’

‘Reality of the religion’

Just like the reality of a person is not the body but the 'Atma" or inner consciousness, similarly the reality of the religion is its real essence, the Gyana, not the rituals or its outer look.

In the beginning, the rituals must have been started for some reason. They still might play some role to help us concentrate, but usually we get so caught up in the rituals that we forget the real meaning or the essence of the religion, the Gyana.

When we meet someone, at first we may look at their outer appearance, but developing any kind of relationship with them depends on their true nature.

Once we know someone really well and love them for their qualities, do we still care about their outlook? Do we want to continue to be with them because of their qualities, or because of their clothes and outer-look?

Similarly, do we want to be at a spiritual place because of its essence or its fancy rituals?

In some way, some rituals might be necessary to keep the sanctity of the place and to keep our mind focused on the goal in large gatherings. But we must remember that the rituals are secondary, just to help us in some way. We should not forget the real essence, the Gyana.              

                                                                  ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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