Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No act of kindness is ever lost.

No act of kindness is ever lost.   
Sooner or later, every action, good or bad, kind or cruel, brings it reaction. Some seeds grow faster and start bearing fruits in a short period of time while others grow slowly and may take much longer. Similarly, some karmas (actions) may bring their results immediately, while we may not see the outcome of others for decades or even few life times.
  Should we stop doing the acts of kindness if we don’t see the results immediately?
A 92 years old man was planting a tree in his front yard. A young boy asked what he was doing. The old man said he was planting a mango tree. The boy laughed and said “You know! It would be many years before this tree can grow and bear some fruits. You are so old. Your one foot is already in the grave. Do you really think that you will live to see it grow and eat its fruits?“
The old man replied “It doesn’t matter if I would be around to see it grow or not. People before me had planted many trees and I ate their fruits when I was a child. Now I am not planting it for myself. My children and grand children and the children and grand children of my neighbors will eat its fruits. People from the neighborhood will be able to sit under its shade and children would enjoy playing underneath this tree. I am simply doing what was done by the people before me.”
Let’s keep on doing whatever act of kindness we may be able to do.
Even if we would not be able to see the results or reap their fruits, someone else will.

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