Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ilme Baatin - Ilme Zaahir by Rumi

Ilme Baatin Hamchu masqa, Ilme Zaahir hamchu sheer
Kee Buwad be-sheer Masqa, kee buwad be-Peer, Peer "  (Rumi )

Internal Knowledge (ilme baatin) is like butter and External Knowledge (ilme zaahir) is like milk.
Like butter cannot be acquired without milk, so the enlightenment (ilme baatin) cannot be obtained
without external help from a Peer, a living Spiritual Guide in a physical form.

Rumi's original Persian verse in Hindi script :

" इल्मे बातिन हमचू मस्का, इल्मे ज़ाहिर हमचू शीर
  की  बुवद  बे-शीर  मस्का , की  बुवद  बे-पीर , पीर" 
                                                            (हज़रत रूमी )

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