Sunday, August 18, 2013

Appearance vs. wisdom

One day Emperor Chandragupta said to his versatile minister Chaanakya “You are the wisest person in my kingdom; it would have been great if you were good looking as well."

Chanakya replied: "My lord, outer appearance is just a mirage; a person is distinguished by his virtues and wisdom, not by his looks or beauty."

"Is there any example you know, where virtues overshadow the beauty." asked the Emperor.

"There are many such examples but first you drink some water to relax your mind and then we will talk." said Chanakya.

Then one by one, he offered two cups of water to the Emperor and asked "my lord, the first cup of water was from this gold pitcher and the second from a clay pot, now please tell me, out of both the cups which one tasted better?"

The Emperor said​  "water from the black clay ​​pitcher was cooler and more​ satisfying."​​

The minister smiled and said, " My lord, although the gold pitcher appeared shiny and more beautiful, you preferred the taste of water from the black clay pitcher. You see it is essentially the water that is important, not the pot, in which it was contained in.

 Similarly, a person is defined by his virtues and wisdom and not by his appearance."

                                                      ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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