Saturday, July 27, 2013

Can human nature be changed ?

Yesterday, going thru my old notes, I found this beautiful Doha written by Sant Tulasi Das.

" लोहा पारस परस कै कंचन भई तलवार
तुलसी तीनो ना मिटे - धार मार आकार "
                              " तुलसी दास "

" Loha paaras paras ke, Kanchan bhayi Talwaar
  Tulasi Teeno Na Mitey, Dhaar, Maar, Aakaar. " 

In this beautiful Doha (verse ), Sant Tulasi Das,  Author of the Raam Charit Maanas,
the popular Ramaayan, beautifully explains a bitter but true fact of our spiritual life by giving an example of a sword. He says, when a sword made of steel comes in contact with the "Paaras Patthar" (alchemy ) *, it turns into gold. It's value multiplies many times. It shines, glitters and becomes very expensive but its shape and sharpness still remains the same. Even though it has turned into gold, it still injures and even kills whoever comes in its contact.

When we receive the Gyaana, its like coming in the contact with the "Paaras". We may shine and become very important in the eyes of others. We may start getting lot of respect and reverence from others but our 'Svabhaava', our nature may not change instantaneously.

Those who are humble by nature, remain humble. Those who are arrogant by nature, may remain the same and try to become leaders to control others.

Does it mean we can never change?
There is a solution.

"ज्ञान हथौड़ा जे मिले, सतगुरु मिले सुनार
तुलसी तीनो मिट गए धार मार आकार "

" Gyaan Hathauda Je Mile, Satgurur Mile Sunaar
  Tulasi Teeno Mit Gaye, Dhaar, Maar, Aakaar. " 
The shape and sharpness of the sword can be changed, molded by using a strong Hammer.

Listening to Guru and remembering the Gyana over and over is like being hit by a hammer that can slowly remove the ego and arrogance, and change the 'svabhaava' the nature of a person.

But this hammering of listening and remembering the
Gyana must hit the heart and sub-conscience mind..... not just the ears.
Only then the ' Svabhaav ' can be changed.

Note : * 
Paaras Patthar a mythical magical stone also known as Philosophers' Stone

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