Thursday, July 18, 2013



The boss screamed at the employee because he broke a plate. The employee kicked the dog because he almost tripped over him.
The dog ran out and bit a woman who was passing by, because she hindered his way out the door.
The lady went to the hospital to be vaccinated against rabies and shouted at the doctor because it hurt when he gave her shot.  Later,  the doctor shouted at the young P. A. for not paying attention.
young P.A. came to her house and shouted at her mother because the food was not to her liking.
The mother stroked her hair and said:

- "My dear child, tomorrow you will get your favorite food. You work a lot. you're tired and need a good night's sleep. I'm Changing the sheets on your bed with clean and fragrant sheets for you to rest and sleep well.
Tomorrow you'll feel better ... ".
Then she blessed her and left the room, leaving her alone with her thoughts "...

At that time, the CIRCLE OF ANGER
was stopped because Grace hit it with Respect, in Forgiveness and Love.
So if you've entered a CIRCLE OF ANGER, remember that with tolerance, respect and willingness to forgive with love ...
... you can break it.


  1. Wonderful Uncle Ji, if we remember this fact it will make things in everyday life better.....I realized one day in traffic that each one of us in our respective cars is a own universe or world of thoughts, ups and downs, and everyone has challenges some more or less than others, but if we look at everyone as family.... Things change....Once there was a car infront that was going slow, and I remember we were getting angry and frustrated that why is the car going slow.....It turned out to be a Mahapursh an elderly one at that ! It changed us so much and made us calmer and compassionate.....I realized that day that God's will is really perfect, there is always a reason for everything ! Thank You !

  2. everybody wants this to happen but don't want to do what mother did :)Saneer


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