Friday, January 1, 2016

My New Year's Resolution

अल्प आहार सुलप सी निद्रा बहुता नाहीं बोलना 
छाड़ सकल विकार, माया मोह ते मन मोड़ना 
साचा ज्ञान आधार धर, संसार भरम गड़ तोड़ना 
रैन दिनस प्रभात, एह मन हरि सिमरन स्यों जोड़ना 
                         'राजन सचदेव' 

Alp aahaar, sulp si nidraa, bahuta nahin bolna
Chhaad sakal vikaar, maya moh tay man modna 
Saachaa gyaan aadhaar dhar, sansaar bhram gadh todna 
Rain dinas prabhaat, eh man Hari simran syon jodna 
                               'Rajan Sachdeva'


Eat less, Sleep less and do not speak too much.

Get rid of all vices and turn your mind away from Maya; the illusions and undue attachments of the world.

By holding on to the Gyan, the ‘True knowledge’, destroy the castle of ignorance. 

Night and day, engross your mind in the name of the Lord. 


  1. This should be the real resolution for every spiritual person. Since this is in pure Hindi may consider posting its English translation as well for our children and grand children. RLM

  2. Thank you for your suggestion.
    The English translation has been added now.
    Thanks again.


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