Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Try to attain the utmost ‘Emptiness’.

If there is no emptiness in between, the letters cannot be formed.
If there is no emptiness between the letters, then the words cannot be formed.
If there is no emptiness between the words, then the sentences cannot be formed.
We cannot fill the room completely with things; we need empty space to live in.
We need emptiness around us to walk.
Bigger the emptiness, farther we can go.
There is emptiness between everything we see.
There is emptiness between the thoughts also; between one thought and the other. 
Longer the emptiness between the thoughts, more peace and bliss we will attain.

        ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Excellent Uncle Ji you are a Doaist/Buddhist philosopher also thank you


  2. Very deep and meaning thought. Thanks. RLM

  3. Interesting!
    DHJ Prem​

  4. Wonderful clarification about Emptiness dear Rajan Sachdeva Ji. Heart-felt Regards
    Premjit Singh .

  5. Very Nice ji !!

    Kind Regards

  6. Dear David ji
    Not only Taoism or Buddhism, this is the actual philosophy of Vedanta, Sikhism and Nirankari Mission as well. They all explain the "Truth", "Reality", Brahm, Tao or God as Nirakaar and Nirgun that is Formless, ‘without attributes’ and without the 'second'. And in case of Buddhism, the word God does not exist…..Simply the ‘Truth’.

  7. This post was excellent. Thank you for sharing


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