Saturday, June 1, 2013

Way to Happiness

Strange is the nature of 'man'. We are always longing to get or achieve something.
The moment we get it or achieve it; longing for it diminishes and its value reduces.

We take it for guaranteed and start longing for something else. We want a job. When we get it, we start longing for promotion. When we were children, we wanted to grow up faster so we won't have to be dependent on the parents. When we grew up, we longed to have a partner and children. When we have children, we expect them to listen to us and do what we tell them to do. As they grow, we expect certain services from them.
At some point in our life, we start longing for ‘Gyana’. By the grace of Lord, when we receive it thru the Satguru, we take it for guaranteed and
start longing for something else... namely 'Power '.

 Power makes us hungry for more power.

Would there be ever any ending of our 'wants' and desires? Would we ever be happy and satisfied?

We think we will be happy if we continue to accumulate more and more of what we want, may it be money, love, respect or power.
We do not appreciate what we have. We forget there was a time, when we were desperately longing for what we have right now.

"In summer we like it cold, in winter we like it hot.
It’s the nature of man to always like what it is not."

Acceptance and appreciation of what we have, is the way to happiness.

                                                                               ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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