Friday, June 7, 2013

The illusions ( By: Gary Taneja)

             By : Gary Taneja

7:38am Jun 6
Here is a great compilations of illusions:

The illusion of inhabiting a separate body.

The illusion of having a separate mind.

The illusion that happiness comes from maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain.

The illusion that we are alone in the universe, cut off from a higher power or intelligence.

The illusion of death as a great ending.

The illusion that life isn't fair, due to random chance and accidents.

The illusion that physical objects are the measure of what is real.

The whole basis of 'Braham Gyan - God Knowledge" is to burn these illusions to cinders - these illusions are the basis of all our delusional thinking and its accompanying suffering. The second part then should lead us to the awakening or birth to our true self - 'the silent witness'. As part of this journey to an awakened state we start to rely and depend on our True Self for everything - contemplating this new reality through awareness based Simran, seeking opportunities for bliss versus seeking happiness and becoming more at peace with everything and everyone.

In a great post that Rajan ji wrote yesterday he explained that as a Gyani Bhakta we seek a relationship with the "personal God" through devotion and worship of the living Guru and prayer and sublimation to Nirankar. The three S's are a great compilation of practices to make this transformation happen.....May Baba ji bless all his devotees to make this transformation in this life time...

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  1. satkar Bhari dhan nirankar ...

    thanks for wonderful write up .....
    really is the three "S" ... which keeps us on right path ... iF guru has disowned us after giving us gyan... and not given us three "S", no one could have remembered "gyan" even for one week... ...

    thanks again


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