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Faith verses Gyana (Knowledge)

Organized and evolved religions teach the confirmation of faith in the old existing ideas and dogmas.
While the true spiritual masters provides the 'Gyana, the knowledge of 'Atman' and 'Paramatma ' (Individual and Universal Soul), they also encourage their followers to use their wisdom to understand the Truth, and to gain personal experience to strengthen their faith.

Most people just keep doing what they have seen their parents and ancestors doing. They simply follow the traditions of their religious community without trying to understand them.

Religion, to most people, simply means to follow traditions and to perform rituals.

Though, the sages and Gurus in the past and present have repeatedly told us not to follow rites and rituals blindly.

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. 

But after observation and analysis, when you find that it agrees with reason and is  conducive to goodness, then accept it and live up to it."  
                                                                ~ Gautama Buddha ~

Unfortunately, most people, instead of striving for the knowledge, simply choose to follow the leaders.

Sant Kabeer ji says :

' जहँ मार्ग पंडित गए , पाछे गई वहीर
इक औघट घाटी राम की तहँ चढ़ रहयो कबीर "

" Jehi Maarg Pandit gaye, Paachhe gayi vaheer
Ik Aughat ghaati Raam ki, Tehn chadh rahyo Kabeer"

“The crowds of lay-men follow the Pundits (religious leaders) blindly.
The path to the valley of God is extremely hard, and Kabeer is climbing up (this high mountain, thru Gyana and Guru's Kripa).”

 Liberation cannot be achieved just by following tradition and rituals.

"Kurute ganga saagar gamanam, vrata paripaalanamathavaa daanam .
Gyaana vihinah sarvamatena, muktim na bhajati janmashatena. "

                                    (Adi Shankrachaarya- Bhaj Govindam 17)

“One may go to Gangasagar where the river Ganga meets the ocean, observe fasts, and give away riches in charity !
Yet, the one who is devoid of the 'Gyana', cannot attain ' Mukti '  (Salvation) even at the end of a hundred births."
                                  (Adi Shankrachaarya- Bhaj Govindam 17)

Truth is to be known, realized and experienced. Only then we can be liberated.

How can we achieve such Gyana ?   Lord Krishna tells us the way:

" Tadviddhi Pranipatena, Pari-Prashnena Sevayaa
  Updekshyanti Te Gyanam, Gyaninastatva Darshinah " 
                                                          (Bhagvad Gita 4 : 34)

"Learn that (the truth) by humble reverence, by Inquiry and by rendering service (unto Guru)

The men of knowledge who have seen the truth, will teach you that Gyana (knowledge)”

To achieve this knowledge, the ' Gyana', We need to approach the ' enlightened one ', who knows the 'truth' and can reveal to us.

Sat Purakh jin jaaneaa, Satguru Tiska Naao.
Tis ke Sang Sikh udhrai, Nanak Hari gun Gao.    (SGGS Page 286)

(The one who knows the true Lord, is called the true Guru.
In his company, O' Nanak, disciple is saved, singing the praise of Lord.)
                                                           (SGGS Page 286)

According to Sant Namdev ji, singing Lord's praise without seeing Him, may not bring us the bliss and contentment we want.

“Jab Dekha, Tab gaava, Tau Jan Dheeraj Paava".

(Whosoever, when, sees, and then sings (His praises),
Such a person becomes contented and blissful)

" Gur Prasaadi Jaaniaa , Jan Naama sehaj Samaaniaa "

By the grace of the Guru, I realized (the Gyana)
Thus, this humble man "Naama" is absorbed in the Celestial Lord.
                                       (Sant Naamdev ji, SGGS page 656)

Faith, which is based on 'Gyana', and strengthened by personal experience, brings happiness and ever-lasting peace.

Such a faith cannot be shaken or shattered.

By surrendering to God's will in complete faith after achieving this knowledge, the "Brahm Gyaana", one becomes liberated, even while living in this world.

                                            'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Wonderful thoughts Uncle Ji, you what is lacking in faith is usually a failure in our part to test the Gyan or use it in day to day situations and see the power unfold....Gyan just tells you about Nirankar....Bhakti makes you feel it !


  2. Knowledge celebrates.. we have been blessed truly


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