Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lord Krishna and the Monster

                                Lord Krishna and the Monster
Once upon a time, Bhagvaan Krishna and his older brother Baldev, along with their friend Saatyaki, were lost while traveling through a forest. It was getting dark, so they decided to spend the night under a tree. The forest was dense, full of wild animals and other dangers, so it was decided that each person would take turns staying awake to keep guard, while the other two slept. First, it was Saatyaki's turn. In the middle of the night, a monster came down the tree and challenged Saatyaki to a fight. Saatyaki became angry and accepted the challenge. Each time the monster roared at him, Saatyaki shouted back. Each time Saatyaki shouted, the monster became bigger. In just a few minutes, the monster grew to ten times his original size, causing Saatyaki to fall on the ground. As soon as Saatyaki fell to the ground, the monster disappeared. Saatyaki woke up Baldev as it was his turn to keep guard, and without telling him about the monster, Saatyaki went to sleep. 
A little while later, the monster appeared in front of Daau Baldev too and challenged him to a fight. Baldev also became very angry and started fighting with the monster. But just like before, every time Baldev attacked or shouted back, the monster doubled in size. Soon Baldev grew tired and eventually fell to the ground. 
Now it was Shri Krisna's turn to stay awake and guard the other two. Daau Baldev did not mention anything about the incident to Shri Krishna, and went to sleep.
Soon, the monster appeared and challenged Lord Krishna to a fight. Lord Krishna looked at the monster and smiled. The monster repeatedly shouted, however Shri Krishna stayed calm and simply kept smiling. Each time the monster roared, Lord Krishna smiled and the monster decreased to half his size until it became the size of an ant. At which point, Lord Krishna picked up the monster, placed him in his handkerchief, and tied a knot. 
In the morning, Saatyaki and Baldev Daau told Lord Krishna about the monster, and what had happened to them. Bhagvaan Krishna smiled, took out the monster, which was now the size of an ant and said – ‘Here is that monster, and it is called Anger. The more you fight anger with anger, it doubles and conquers you. But if you face anger calmly, with a smile, it reduces, and soon disappears.’
Anger can be conquered, not with anger, but by controlling our reaction to it.

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