Sunday, April 28, 2013

Humility and divinity are synonymous.

Humility and divinity are synonymous. They cannot be separated. 

The closer one comes to divinity, more humble he or she becomes. 

हरि हर  खांड रेत महिं बिखरी, हस्ती चुनी ना जाए 
कहु कबीर गुर भली बुझाईचींटी होय कै खाए 

"Hari Har Khaand rait mahin bikhari , Hasti chuni na jaaye
Kahu Kabeer guru khari bujhaayi, cheenti hoy ke  khaaye "
                                                                   ( Sant Kabeer ji )

Divinity is like Sugar spilled on sand. An elephant cannot separate the Sugar from the sand but the ant can.

 An egotistic mind cannot separate the Divine from the 'Maya'. 

 The Guru teaches us that humility is the path that leads to Divinity. 

"Jyon Jyon phal darakhat nu lagdai, 
Tyon Tyon jhukdaa jaanda ae"       (Avtar Vani)

The more fruits a tree bears, it's branches bend down more towards the ground. 

The closer we get to the Divine, more humble we become. 

                                             ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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