Monday, April 3, 2017

Surrender Carefully and Gracefully

In one form or the other, we are surrounded by the gestures and actions of ‘Surrender’ every day - every moment of our life. Some actions of ‘Surrender’ are graceful and undertaken voluntarily – while some others might be for different reasons. 

Parents surrender to the children; to their needs and desires out of love.
Children surrender to the wisdom of their parents out of love and respect but also because of lack of experience and resources. 
Students and disciples surrender to the wisdom of their teachers and Gurus. 
Domestic animals surrender to their masters out of ignorance* and vigorous training. 
A defeated army surrenders to the victorious out of humiliation. 
When USA dropped atomic bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan surrendered …. Out of fear.

Every day, every moment, we constantly surrender to our needs and desires; to physical and mental appetites and cravings – to envy, greed and anger.

However, it is important to know and to be careful - ‘To whom do we surrender? And for what reason?’

Do we surrender to greed or to contentment?
To anger or to patience and acceptance? 
To confrontational nature or to silence?
To our egotistic ideas to fulfil our own selfish agendas – or to the virtues of ‘Selflessness’? 
To logic and reasoning or to blind faith?
To ‘Will of God’ - the outcome of Karmas or to the ‘Self-centered’ mind full of grievances and ‘blind-spots’.

Are we slaves of our ever-desiring mind and surrender to its constant and even unreasonable demands?
Or do we surrender to God, or whatever we may want to call – Nirankar, Nature, Karma, Destiny, Hukam or ‘THAT’- the unseen and unknown ‘Most-high Being’.

                                 Surrender carefully:

Surrendering blindly to someone or something may be hazardous and a disgrace of self-inflicted slavery – which may take us away from the desired aim or destination. Moksha means freedom - Freedom from fear and slavery.

And most importantly --- 
Do we surrender ‘Lovingly’ or ‘Out of Fear’?
Surrendering out of fear cannot provide ‘Peace and Bliss’.

Therefore, Surrender lovingly and gracefully: and move with the natural flow- 
Like floating effortlessly in a river – to whichever direction it’s flowing.
Like a bird, with its wings spread, effortlessly riding on an air-wave – wherever it takes him.  
Like dancing with natural and graceful movements to the subtle music of a symphony.

Let the Symphony of Life guide your steps, the movements and speed – and move along with its pace – Naturally and Gracefully.  

                                  ‘Rajan Sachdeva’ 

*Even in the primitive times, animals such as bulls, horses and elephants – though physically much stronger than humans - became slaves of humans out of ignorance and started doing laborious work for their masters.  

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