Thursday, April 6, 2017

Satguru's Blessings

       "Satguru's Blessings"   By: Skattar Sandhu (Canada)

Sometimes we seek the blessing of Satguru if there is a problem. Satguru gives us advice to solve the problem in certain way. Sometime Satguru asks,” What you are doing?” and so you tell Him what you are doing. He gives you directions to proceed in a way you never thought about doing. If you carry out His commandment without any question then, the task is accomplished without any delay. Instead, if you start using your intellect then nothing is really done. This is what happened to me once in 1970, when Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji sent me to Canada. He, Nirankari Rajmata Ji, Rev. Chadha Sahib Ji, and Rev. Harimohan Sharma Ji came to North America the first time for a tour. Rev. Nand Lal Ji, Bahen Shiela Ji, Rev. Vasdev Ji, I went to Madison, U.S.A. from Toronto to welcome them.
They had already arrived when we reached there. We were very excited to see Baba Ji and Rajmata Ji. We stayed overnight there to seek their blessings. That night I had the opportunity to walk with Baba Ji. He asked me what I was doing and I said, ”With your blessings, I got immigration and now I am working.” He further asked if I had a driving license. I replied that I didn’t have one. Satguru Baba Ji instantly reminded me that you used to be a Mission driver in Bombay. You should have already taken a driving license by now. We asked  His permission to leave for Toronto the next day. When we reached Toronto, I decided to go the Ministry of Transportation office to inquire about the driving license after work. The clerk informed me that I have to have a learning permit and so he handed a learning license booklet to me to study before the test. I told him that I wanted to take the test immediately however, he insisted that I should come back after studying the booklet. Despite his warnings, I went to take the test that day. There were twenty people waiting to take the test before I entered the room. The examiner distributed the papers and gave instructions to all of us. I read all the questions and realized that I did not know any of the answers so I started to do Simarn. On the first question, which was multiple choice, I noticed that the answer was already lightly marked. As I continued the test, I realized that all of the answers were slightly marked as the first one was.  I quickly marked all of the answers and then I turned the exam paper in. After I turned it in, the instructor told me that he knew that you would not know any of the answers because I did not study the book. He told me that I would get the result of the exam the next day. However, because I lived far from the office I requested that he gives me the results that day. He asked me to wait for everyone to finish the exam before giving me my results and so I sat down in the waiting room. After the exam, he called me in and said that he was surprised  by my score. He asked,” How did you get 100% on the exam without studying?!” I told him that I had not answered any of the questions and I showed him a picture of Baba Ji  and said that He was the one who answered all of the questions. The instructor was quite astonished by this statement that I had made. Later I came to a rooming house where I used to stay with three other saints. I showed them my learning permit. They were very surprised to see it. I told them this is the power of Satguru Adhesh. My faith became even more stronger than it ever was before.
                                           "Skattar Sandhu" (Canada) 


  1. Amazing ! Love this !


  2. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring and wonderful experience.



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