Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What do we really want?

What do we really want?

In the depth of our being, we all want ‘Happiness’.

At the same time, we want ‘Freedom’ also.

In other words we want conditional happiness.

If we are offered every kind of luxury and comfort in a lifelong prison, with no freedom at all, most of us would not accept it.

So we want happiness but not at the cost of our freedom.

Freedom and Happiness, both are the basic requirements every human being wants. It is part of our nature.

Occasionally, we sacrifice one for the other.

As mentioned before, we deny the happiness of a comfortable and luxurious life in the prison to keep our freedom.  

Young children and older parents sacrifice their freedom to stay happy with their parents and children respectively. They know they cannot stay happy without them and may not even survive on their own. So they sacrifice their freedom in order to stay comfortable and happy.

Sometimes we surrender both, freedom and happiness unconditionally; simply out of love and respect to some, like parents, children, spouses, beloved friends, Gurus and finally God.

But we do that with our ‘own choice’.

Not out of fear or force, but with the “freedom of our own choice’.

‘Surrender’, which is out of fear or forced upon, is defeat, not ‘surrender’.

Only if it is done willingly, with our own free will, it will bring happiness.

Even if we want to give happiness to others, we like to have the freedom to decide ‘what, when, and how’ to provide it.

So in the end, in the depth of our consciousness, our only desire is to be ‘Free’; to attain ‘Mukti’.

What kind of freedom or Mukti would bring Happiness?

‘Mukti’ or Freedom from excessive or unreal desires;
Mukti from ego, anger, greed and jealousy;
Mukti from desire of achieving and holding on to power;
Mukti from worry and fear;

This kind of ‘Mukti’ or ‘Freedom’ is real ‘Happiness’.

That is what ‘Moksha’ or ‘Nirvaana’ is.

                         ‘Rajan Sachdeva’ 

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