Monday, July 18, 2016

Can Destiny be changed?

Sadguru Kabeer ji says:

“Karam gati taaray nahin taree
Guru Vashisht say Gyaani Dhayyani, sodh ke lagan dharee
Milyo raaj Bharat kau, chaudah baras ban vipad paree
Seeta ko hari lay gayo Raavan, suvarna Lunk jaree
Paandav - jinkay aapu saarthi - tin pay vipat paree
Duryodhan ko garv ghataayo, Jadukul naash karee 
Kahat Kabeer suno bhai saadho, honi ho kay rahee”

करम गति टारे नहीं टरी 
गुरु वशिष्ट से ग्यानी ध्यानी सोध के लगन धरी 
मिल्यो राज भरत को चौदह बरस बन बिपद परी 
सीता को हरि लै गयो रावण सुवर्ण लंक जरी 
पांडव, जिन कै आपु सारथी, तिन पे विपत परी 
दुर्योधन का गर्व घटायो, जदुकुल नाश करी 
कहत 'कबीर' सुनो भई साधो होनी हो के रही ॥ 

“The destiny created by the past Karmas does not change.”

He further adds few examples to make his point clear
That Lord Rama’s Guru Vashisht, the wisest and most learned Rishi of their times, thoroughly calculated to choose an auspicious moment for Lord Rama’s coronation. But just moments before the ceremony, the destiny played its role - lord Rama was exiled from the kingdom for fourteen years, and his brother Bharat became the king instead. 

Even after taking precautionary measures by Lakshman (by drawing the Lakshman rekha), Devi Seeta was kidnaped by Raavan. 

Even though Raavan tricked Lord Shiva to secure the beautiful city of Lunka (made of gold and precious stones) for himself and firmly established his rule over it, it was eventually burnt down to ashes; as it was destined to, by the curse of Devi Paarvati. 

Paandvas, though Lord Krishna was their best friend and adviser, who even became the chariot driver for Arjun, went through so many hardships, sufferings and exiles. 
Duryodhan, a mighty king with a huge army and hundreds of other powerful kings on his side, lost the war to Paandavas with a considerably small army. 

And then the Lord Krishna himself – not only his dynasty but even his hereditary lineage came to an end. 

‘Kabeer’ says listen, ‘oh good people’:
whatever was going to happen - happened. 
No one was able to stop their destiny.


  1. Dhan Nirankar Ji Very Nice. Thank you for sharing

  2. A great topic that comes to mind frequently, thanks for sharing Uncle ji.


  3. Thanks for sharing the philosophy of Karma very nice DhAn Nirankar ji.
    Bishan Lal Lochan

  4. Thanks for sharing the philosphy of Karma very nice sir Dhan Nirankar ji.

  5. Thanks for sharing the philosophy of Karma very nice DhAn Nirankar ji.
    Bishan Lal Lochan

  6. Reita Nirankari AgarwalJuly 23, 2016 at 1:54 AM

    Superb! Destiny is not the issue, but how we react and learn from the situations is what takes us to our journey to reach our destiny. Destiny may not change, but how our sense organs (mind, intellect, body) perceived them makes it a pain or pleasure.


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