Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gold mines are not visible in plain sight

Gold mines are not present laying and shining on the surface of the ground. They are hidden deep in the heart of the earth. We have to find them.
And it’s not easy to find them because in its original raw form, gold is not glittering and shining. It requires trained eyes to discover it.

Similarly, some saints may not be quite visible either. They may have great qualities hidden deep inside them that are not obvious to all. Only the inquisitive and expert eyes can find the hidden wisdom and qualities in them and try to receive some benefit from their knowledge and experience.

One, who can, not only spot such saintly people and discover the hidden treasure of wisdom in them, but also tries to gain some knowledge from them, is also wise indeed.

Many years ago, I heard the following story from Sant Roop Lal ji of Kota Bundi Rajasthan.

There was an old woman who lived in a small town. Though She was an ordinary woman who wore simple clothes and lived a modest life style, there were rumors among her relatives, friends and neighbors that she had lot of money and gold hidden somewhere in her home. Because of these rumors, some thieves had broken into her house few times but did not find anything that was valuable. When asked, she would simply laugh and say that the thieves did not find anything valuable because she does not have any.

One morning however, the neighbors heard a piercing scream and came running to her house. The woman was crying and wailing loudly saying she had lost everything. Someone broke into her home and stole all the money and gold she had hidden in a pouch in the box of coal (to be used as fuel in the oven) in plain sight in a corner of the kitchen.

While most were sympathizing with her, some people were amazed and admired the thief, saying “Wow! This thief must be a very smart and wise person who was able to spot and find the treasure in that dirty bag of coal. No wonder other thieves could not find it before. Who would have thought that a treasure could be hidden in a dirty place, right in front of them?” They were full of admiration for this thief.

Couldn’t this be true in the search of wisdom also?

There might be many wise and saintly people with great wisdom and hidden qualities living among us. We keep searching for them at far and distant places, and among the unknown ones, while they might be living, working or walking with us, in plain sight. If asked, they will deny possessing any wisdom or great qualities. They might simply say that they don’t have anything valuable to teach but it could be due to one of their greatest quality; the ‘humility’.  

A wise man can find the hidden qualities even in those whom others may discard as ordinary or not-worthy at all.

Wiser is indeed who can learn and receive wisdom from anyone and everyone, without any discrimination.

          'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Very nice and very ignorant we are about the treasure around us..


  2. This is true what you have written. Thanks.


  3. How True! Alas we keep this in mind ALWAYS. Thanks.

    Kind regards,


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