Friday, February 7, 2014

Life and Death

 Between their births and their deaths,
 three out of ten are attached to life,
 three out of ten are attached to death,
 three out of ten are just idly passing through.

Only one knows how to die and stay dead and still go on living.

That one hasn't any ambitions, hasn't any ideas, makes no plans. 

From this mysterious place of not-knowing and non-doing he gives birth to whatever is needed in the moment. Because he is constantly filling his being with non-being, he can travel the wilds without worrying about tigers or wild buffalo, or he can cross a battlefield without armor or weapon.

No tiger can claw him. No buffalo can gore him. No weapon can pierce him.

Why is this so? 

Because he has already died, there isn't any more room for death in him.

                                                                 ( Taken from an unknown source of 'Tao' )

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