Monday, January 6, 2014

Two kinds of silence

Two kinds of silence
                                                                                    By: Govardhan Taneja (Toronto)

There are two kinds of silence: one you cultivate, one which arrives. The silence that you cultivate is nothing but repressed noise. You can sit silently and if you sit long enough and continue the practice for months, slowly you will be able to repress all noise. That is what is happening all around the world. People who try to meditate, who try to be silent, are only imposing silence on themselves. Silence can be imposed; you can have a layer of silence around yourself, but it’s just self-deception. That layer is not going to help you.

Real silence arises from your very being. It is not imposed from without, but comes from within. It arises from the center and moves towards the circumference. Real silence is being at the core of your being. HH Babaji has given us the key to this silence - it comes not by blocking the noise but experiencing the real in the unreal - you don't block the noise you go beyond it. That is why all sages have this beautiful profound calm smile on their faces even in the midst of all the noise of the world

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