Thursday, December 25, 2014

A flaw in our system.

There is a giant flaw in our system.

In order to make the system secure, we make it more complex. But the more complex we make it the more insecure we actually become. 

When we become more insecure, we try to find many more different ways to secure it. In the process, however, we create more rigid rules and controlling channels; create more positions and committees to distribute the power. To make sure that power is not concentrated at certain points.

But at the same time, just a few people at the top like to keep control of everything and hold the absolute power. 

Eventually it creates imbalance and restlessness at lower levels. 
The system starts to fail and people start doubting and questioning the absolute controlling power and start demanding for a democratic System.  


  1. Only solution or right recourse is picking right people for the job without any personal considerations and emotions, but irony is how many people in power can do that? Solution seems to be apprenticeship alongwith the people doing the right job, getting trained to control your emotions before making any decisions or appointments. Frustration at lower level means said principal is not being followed at all or right ernestly. History tells us degree of frustration at lower level will bring change and balance the imbalance created by the absolute power holders.

  2. You are absolutely right Satnam Rai ji,
    Thank you for adding your comments.


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